Telepathy refers to mind-reading or mind-to-mind communication. It literally means ‘distant feeling’.

To give a strange paranormal experience a name certainly helped, but still it shook me up. I wanted to be able to explain what had happened to me. I know I was not deluding myself. I later learned that this was a case of “Crisis Telepathy”.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Biologist):

…”Telepathy happens between people that are closely bonded emotionally or between people and animals, if there is a close emotional bond. It doesn’t typically happen between strangers. It doesn’t fall off with distance. We’ve done experiments between Britain and Australia and they work just as well with people that are only a mile away.”


Dr Dean Radin (Senior scientist IONS):

… “These crisis events seem to spark our conscious awareness of them, but the conscious awareness is only the tip of an ice berg. These kinds of connections are probably there in our unconsciousness all the time. It’s as though each of our minds encompasses the entire universe all the time.”

Dr Dean Radin (Senior scientist IONS):

… “In those studies we do find on average that peoples body’s do respond. If you ask them if they thought they felt a difference, most people say: “No”. But we know by looking at their physiological changes, that their body is actually responding.”



“Many dogs, cats and other animals pick up their owners intentions. They seem to be telepathic with their owners”