Psychic healing is a spiritual practice that may afford gradual relief from pain or sickness, and sometimes brings about sudden ‘miracle cures’.


Theresa (Former patient):

…. “And after that experience I am a believer, because I experienced first hand what her healing hands were able to create with me. So you know they say: “What you think about, you bring about.”

Prof. Gary Schwartz: (Psychology)

…”We also generate a lot of electrical signals, and once you think of the body in terms of electronics and magnetic fields and resonance and interaction, then the whole idea of energy healing becomes completely plausible.”


Prof Gary Schwartz: (Psychology)

…”To those who would say it’s all in the patient’s mind: Even bacteria respond to psychic healing—and we have no idea what’s on their minds!”

Rebecca Good (Therapeutic Touch healer):

…”We work with ‘Prana’. We work with the chakra’s. People’s chakras communicate with each other, human to human, chakra to chakra, if that makes sense. Now what we’re doing is we’re facilitating the individuals’ self healing. We are the conduits.”