Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to perceive remote places, objects or people. A scientific term for clairvoyance is ‘Remote Viewing’.

Dr Hal Puthoff (Physicist):

…”We tried to find out what was the mechanism involved in so called “psi” (psychic) phenomena. My colleagues and I were physicists and so one way to attack that is to do experiments over longer and longer distances and we eventually did these experiments over continents, and we didn’t see any degradation of the apparent ESP data.”


Dr David Dosa (Geriatrician):

…”Growing up, I was fascinated by astronauts. I was young, and on the day that the space shuttle blew up, I had a dream the night before that I was on that space shuttle and then it blew up. It was the only reason why I watched the launch that morning, I actually watched the launch live. Just to see if my dream was correct.”


Stephan Schwartz (Psychic Archeology):

…”I think probably underlying it all is, that the whole premise, which says that there is an aspect of our consciousness which is independent of time and space, – is simply too much for some people to take aboard and they go into a kind of reality vertigo.”