Precognition is an alleged psychic ability to predict the future. It sometimes comes as a vision, a mental flash or a dream.

…”I must say this is the one I have the most trouble with intellectually, because I can’t really imagine how it would happen, but the evidence shows that it can happen.” -Prof. Charles Tart (Psychology)

When I arrive at IONS, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, in California, Dr Dean Radin tells me that I am ‘lucky’ as he has just designed a new experiment to investigate ‘Precognition’, also called ‘Presentment’; an ability to foresee or fore-sense the future.


…”I think of this study as it is looking through the window to the soul to see the future. That’s the poetic way of thinking about this.”-Dr Dean Radin (Senior scientist IONS)


…”There are lots of mysteries in our data on 9/11. We can measure time very precisely. The graph begins to change at about four or five o’clock in the morning and that is four or five hours before the first plane hit!”-Dr Roger Nelson (Global Consciousness Project)




Telepathy refers to mind-reading or mind-to-mind communication. It literally means ‘distant feeling’.

To give a strange paranormal experience a name certainly helped, but still it shook me up. I wanted to be able to explain what had happened to me. I know I was not deluding myself. I later learned that this was a case of “Crisis Telepathy”.

…”Telepathy happens between people that are closely bonded emotionally or between people and animals, if there is a close emotional bond. It doesn’t typically happen between strangers. It doesn’t fall off with distance. We’ve done experiments between Britain and Australia and they work just as well with people that are only a mile away.”-Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Biologist)


“These crisis events seem to spark our conscious awareness of them, but the conscious awareness is only the tip of an ice berg. These kinds of connections are probably there in our unconsciousness all the time. It’s as though each of our minds encompasses the entire universe all the time.”

… “In those studies we do find on average that peoples body’s do respond. If you ask them if they thought they felt a difference, most people say: “No”. But we know by looking at their physiological changes, that their body is actually responding.”-Dr Dean Radin (Senior scientist IONS)

“Many dogs, cats and other animals pick up their owners intentions. They seem to be telepathic with their owners”-Dr Rupert Sheldrake


Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to perceive remote places, objects or people. A scientific term for clairvoyance is ‘Remote Viewing’.

Dr Hal Puthoff (Physicist):

…”We tried to find out what was the mechanism involved in so called “psi” (psychic) phenomena. My colleagues and I were physicists and so one way to attack that is to do experiments over longer and longer distances and we eventually did these experiments over continents, and we didn’t see any degradation of the apparent ESP data.”


…”Growing up, I was fascinated by astronauts. I was young, and on the day that the space shuttle blew up, I had a dream the night before that I was on that space shuttle and then it blew up. It was the only reason why I watched the launch that morning, I actually watched the launch live. Just to see if my dream was correct.”-Dr David Dosa (Geriatrician)


…”I think probably underlying it all is, that the whole premise, which says that there is an aspect of our consciousness which is independent of time and space, – is simply too much for some people to take aboard and they go into a kind of reality vertigo.”-Stephan Schwartz (Psychic Archeology)


Psychokinesis or in short “PK” is the ability to move objects with the power of the mind only.

“I did it! I’m not sure how. It just was so easy to do. It just felt like it was melted putty.”-Tom (at spoonbending party)



…”The issue is what kind of control do we have to know what is going on? So in the laboratory rather than using spoons we use a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is extremely sensitive to any type of external force. All it is doing is randomly flipping coins about 10.000 times a second, making true random numbers..”-Dr Dean Radin, (Senior scientist Institute of Noetic Sciences)





…”We have found that if there are large numbers, hundreds of thousands, in most cases millions of people, who become engaged in the same thing- in other words, they kind of all point in the same direction, mentally and emotionally, maybe especially emotionally- then we register something in our data.”-Dr Roger Nelson (Global Consciousness Project)


Psychic healing is a spiritual practice that may afford gradual relief from pain or sickness, and sometimes brings about sudden ‘miracle cures’.


…. “And after that experience I am a believer, because I experienced first hand what her healing hands were able to create with me. So you know they say: “What you think about, you bring about.”-Theresa (Former patient)








…”We also generate a lot of electrical signals, and once you think of the body in terms of electronics and magnetic fields and resonance and interaction, then the whole idea of energy healing becomes completely plausible.”
…”To those who would say it’s all in the patient’s mind: Even bacteria respond to psychic healing—and we have no idea what’s on their minds!”-Prof. Gary Schwartz: (Psychology)

…”We work with ‘Prana’. We work with the chakra’s. People’s chakras communicate with each other, human to human, chakra to chakra, if that makes sense. Now what we’re doing is we’re facilitating the individuals’ self healing. We are the conduits.”-Rebecca Good (Therapeutic Touch healer)


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