good “…This is better than “What the Bleep !..”

– Rebecca Good, Nurse and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner


“…Grounded in a century’s worth of data from psychical research and situated in the entangled realms of quantum theory, this movie will expand your horizons and broaden your worldview. Sit back, secure your seat belt, open your mind, and enjoy a new lens of perception. You won’t want to miss it!”

– Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D.
President/CEO Institute of Noetic Sciences

dosseysmall ” It is the most courageous, elegant, artistic, thorough, and thoughtful film I know about the mysteries and nonlocal manifestations of consciousness. You stayed neutral throughout and avoided evangelizing for, or condemning, any particular perspective..”

– Dr Larry Dossey, Physcian & Author

sally “Something Unknown takes us into the labs of several leading parapsychologists for a front row view into their current investigations. Compelling evidence for psychic phenomena is presented, along with thoughtful, even passionate testimony about the meaning and implications of these findings for humanity. Renee Scheltema has done a great service for parapsychology in creating this artistic and unbiased documentary.”

-Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center

schwartz “Something Unknown…. is frankly one of the most artistic, comprehensive, beautiful, clear, fair and visionary documentaries on parapsychology and spirituality I have ever seen….”

– Dr Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Prof. of Psychology at The University of Arizona

connersmall “I feel a profound sense of gratitude having been included in such a beautiful work of art. There was power, passion and wisdom in the languaging and the visuals were stunning. It totally deserved getting the award.”

– Melinda Connor, Scientist


“This is probably the best educational film on parapsychology and its implications that has ever been made. If you want to see and hear many of the most creative scientists doing research in this area and find out what we know, I can’t recommend this film more highly! “

– Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.
Prof. Em. Psychology, UC Davis, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and Author

-2 “This Film is so heart touching. It is a`Must-have-seen-Movie-and-DVD´. I am so greatful you made this wonderful documentary on the most important question one can think about: Who is moving the world, is moving me?  My body, mind, thoughts, emotions? I love this film, because It shows  and leads to that great Unknown,  that is behind and beyond and between….G.O.D”

– Sabine Metz-Hammer

-1 “Hi Renee. I just watched your video. It was great! Thanks for your pioneering efforts in raising awareness of connection.”

– Cari

mary “I wanted to congratulate you on your film.  I thought it was really really remarkable.  It was riveting to say the least and I was so disappointed when the movie ended.”

– Mary