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Argus “The film has a quirky feel and a healthy sense of humour about its subject matter. It doesn’t try to convince or convert. Instead, it asks some interesting questions that’ll lead to interesting answers.” [Read More]
Die Beeld “Ons is tot baie meer in staat as wat ons besef, veral as ons saamstaan, sê Renée. “Jy kan jou psigiese vermoëns ontwikkel deur gereeld stil te word..” [Read More]
Cape Times Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What is the remarkable achievement and vision of filmmaker… [Read More]
Tucson Citizen “Art always goes in search of deeper truths. Otherwise, it isn’t really art. But sometimes, that deeper truth comes looking for the artist.”[Read More]
Screen Africa Cape Town-based filmmaker and photographer Renée Scheltema’s documentary on psychic phenomena, Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What… [Read More]
Erik Koch “Alles in het universum is met elkaar verbonden. Die energie wordt door gevoelige mensen gebruikt om te voorzien, te voorvoelen en te genezen. De intelligente nuchterheid waarmee de wetenschappers hun onderzoeken presenteren, maakt het verslag van Renee Scheltema eens te meer fascinerend.” [Read More]
Happinez Documentairemaakster Renee Scheltema had al op jonge leeftijd interesse in het spirituele. Maar zomaar iets geloven doet ze niet…[Read More]


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Brent Marchant The study of psychic phenomena is rife with anecdotal evidence, but sources of quantified scientific data about the subject have long been scarce and scattered. Many researchers have stayed away from it for fear of ridicule by peers, and those who have courageously ventured into such risky territory have often had their findings relegated to the realm of obscurity. That’s where this film comes in. [Read More]